Demo '10

by Grazes

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Recorded at Orion Studios early 2010.
100 on 4 colour tapes. SOLD OUT.


released January 3, 2010



all rights reserved


Grazes Sheffield, UK

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Track Name: Cotard's Delusion
All you ever do is talk shite. Don't know if you're a poet or a poltergeist. Turn my back on everything and pray for what the future brings. Pray for power, pray for wisdom, guard me from pertubation. Wrap me up in a shroud, send me deep beneath the ground. Erase every memory, there's no hope of safety. This is the end.
Track Name: A Kestrel For A Knave
A sulphur mist filters through the air, no time to stop, no time to repair. Everything tears at the seams, nothing is as it seems. I can't see, I can't breathe. Blacking out, dying out. Living in decay you wear your grazes like a medal. An eagle for an emperor, a saker for the brave, a goshawk for a yeoman, a kestrel for a knave.
Track Name: Tash Up
Puberty is failing me.
Track Name: Grand Guignol
Never get out, never escape. Trapped inside a melancholy maze. Hiding from reality, it's better to plead insanity. It's never day, it's always night, count on prometheus to bring you light. Cutting away the strings, cutting away every lifeline. It's your time. Je t'aime pas, tu aimes la bit.