by Grazes

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Myths is the debut 7" by Grazes, it was released on the 9th May 2011 via Holy Roar, Crash Landing and Ebb & Flow.


released May 9, 2011

Recorded by Steve Ellis @ Orion Studios, Rotherham
Artwork by Lewis Currie



all rights reserved


Grazes Sheffield, UK

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Track Name: Intro/Black Death
Send for the doctor this house is plagued. Nobody can enter, nobody can leave. A cross marks the door, the keys taken away. Thrown in to disarray. Buboes creep through your skin, this is Gods wish, you have sinned.
Fill your lungs with camphor, beak mask around your head, break down the door and bring out the dead. The staff in hand must serve to show their noble trade where'er they go. Die inside a paupers grave. If home is where the heart is then the heartless must be homeless.
Track Name: Drown In The River Styx
Pewter eyes span across the room, masquerade in septarian. Feast on you like bread and wine, our saviour we must enshrine. Why wait for applause when you can burn down the theatre? Putrid thoughts beckon lucid dreams, mind fragments like a glitch, as useful as a sunken ship. Stuck in limbo time cannot move. Can I drown in the river styx? Arrive a scene that I've already fled, you're always behind, I'm two steps ahead.
Track Name: Never Get Back
The shackles have been removed, fresh air runs through my lungs. If Icarus could steal the sun, the moon would perish on its own. Over worked and under paid the tensions always have been frayed. Best friends are work friends, a cycle than can never end. Another candle on the birthday cake, another year wasted, another minute around the clock, sixty seconds you can never get back. You can change your name, you can change your face but you can't change who you are.
Track Name: My Last Day
Silence lingers nothing moves. Only eyes are CCTV. Murdered by autumn, revived by spring. Conquest, War, Famine, Death. I'm a spectator at my own life, my own apocalypse is passing me by. I circumvent everything that comes my way. All that glisters is not gold.
Track Name: Rex Anglorum
You're losing your voice, you're losing your authority, you're powerless, it's all me. Your path is led by artificial light, I shambled after as I've been doing all my life. There's no time for redemption, no time to put right wrong, no time to hide your sins. I am King. Steal from the rich, give to the poor. Steal from the poor, give to the rich. Steal from the rich, steal form the poor. Gluttony.
Track Name: Observer's Paradox
your eyes are the best camera. Over indulge in nostalgia. Memories in masquerade, so difficult to erase. Live by sword, die by sword. End it all. Everything was lost on me to a sepia toned memory. The ink fades away, you never existed. Decay.